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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Shadow Slightsspearow
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk

" Chill........just have a cup of sake and chill........"


Name: Shadow Slightsspearow
Alias: None
Height: 6'4
Weight: 310 Lbs.
DOB: October 22, 4999
Ethnicity: Half Japanese, Half American Bad-455
Eye Color: Olive Green
Hair Color: Dark brown
Likes: Solitude smoking, hanging with "Sparky", annoying Nathaniel, vinegar and sake mixed together
Dislikes: Working overtime, lack of cigarettes, a morning Hallen
Family: Older brother, Sanga Misazairume (29)
Hobbies: Playing his guitar, listening to Seatbelts and Stone Temple Pilots, playing around with Sparky
  Shadow is the hot-headed guy of the bunch, a real American bad ass straight from the Bronx. He seems suave, care-free, living life as it comes at him in the face. But he's really a concerned person, caring especially for his little buddy Ives and best friend Rhadamanthus, since they've no real family of their own. Shadow takes great care of how he tortures people, especially after the incident in the Yakuzo mafia with a rowdy syndicate leader and twin brother, Sanga.
 Shadow's nature is mostly accumulated from his past, being neglected by his abusive father and mother leaving him behind at the age of 5. He never speaks to anyone about his past, not even Rhadamanthus himself. He prefers to drown himself in the smoke of his cigarettes, left alone to think about his miserable childhood and how he came to past. His brother, Sanga, however, had stuck by his side as a big brother should, watching out for the young Japanese until the age of 13. There, Shadow was once again left alone in the world to become a streetrat, where he learned life's tough sides.
 Shadow is the ace gunman of the group, a real sharpshot with both his twin pistols and switchblade. He seems like a real gumshoe, taking on dangerous tasks when all seems lost and jumping into the brink of insanity. But then again, Shadow will do anything for a little cash, even stripping for one of the secretaries in the building.
 Shadow Slightsspearow is one of the most hilarious characters to follow along in "Cynical Pink", from his mishaps with the " Evil Soda Machine" to annoying the very likes of Nathaniel himself. A real jokester, and sometimes a con-artist, Shadow just can't pass up an opportunity for a good joke, especially one on the unsuspecting Rhadamanthus or the oblivious Shubaltz.