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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Boredom-spawned Calli-gumi
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk
Fear our boredom XD

Title: Boredom-spawned Calli-gumi
Tools: White divider, blue Papermate pens( all three of us drew this ^_^)
Gideon: 10, I drew Calligohn O_o;;
Maye-Lihn: 10, hehehehe, I drew Killian ^.^
Mines: 10, I drew Dante(ahaha, I drew me ^_^;;)
Completed: 4/5/03 5:35:16 P.M.
Comments: Well, kinda funny how this one came around. You see, me, Gideon, and Maye-Lihn were just hanging around the lecture hall, waiting for the teacher to get there. So I was scribbling on my divider while Gideon and Maye-Lihn were fighting over a cherry blossom mochi. They came over and saw what I was drawing, and so Maye-Lihn drew Killian. Soon afterwards, Gideon whipped out his pen and drew Calligohn. We all had a good laugh afterward at how crappy the picture looked, but all in all we kept ourselves very pre-occupied until the teacher saw our drawing of Shinobis >.< We got busted and hadta give our report on communism in front of everyone -_-;;