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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Nathaniel Langsley III
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk

" Smiles are always free!"

Love me ^.~

Name: Nathaniel Langsley III
Alias: Nate, Na-dono for Shubaltz and Hallen
Age: 22
Height: 5'6
Weight: 300 Lbs.
DOB: December 31, 5002
Ethnicity: Irish
Eye Color: Bright green
Hair Color: Dark blue
Likes: Hallen, ordering people around, green tea leaves in hot water
Dislikes: Shadow's suave ways, Rosso's mass explosions "indecent people"
Family: His obasan, Neruka Nekoze(39)
Hobbies: Latin mythology, tennis, painting landscapes
 Nathaniel is the chibi of the bunch, a real giddy person if you were to ever meet him in person. He's extremely fond of Hallen, either because he desperately wants to be transferred from the Abnormal Deaths Department or just for a little love. Nathaniel tends to become a little too clingy to Hallen, but that's only because he also looks up to him as an idol of sorts. Nathaniel is the chair-person of the ADD (Abnormal Deaths Department), where he has Shadow, Rhadamanthus, Ives, Rosso, and Shubaltz working under his command; he enjoys being assertive to the poor unsuspecting group.
 Nathaniel came from a long line of aristocrats, sometimes even shielding his "Boulevard" properness with street-smart talk. His obasan cares deeply for him, after the trageic assasination of his mother and father 14 years ago on his birthday. Growing up in a brood of all sisters, he tends to sometimes act like a girl, taking on the traits of his mother's femininity but also his father's strength and power-speeches.
 At first glance, Nathaniel may seem like a power-hungry associate, but he only does that to shield his inner self. The inner self that he rather keeps to himself and not show anyone throughout the series. He'll turn to certain people for advice, such as good old Rosso himself or sometimes his dear obasan. But Nathaniel truly is a lionheart, a person that only needs to feel love once again because of the large burden left in his heart from years of deception and loneliness.