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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Hisoka Kurosaki Face
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk
Kurosaki-kun! ^_^

Title: Hisoka Kurosaki Face
Tools: Watercolor paper, Sanford Design drawing pencil, Prang watercolors(non-toxic again XD)
Gideon: 10, me likes the purdy colors XD
Maye-Lihn: 10, I lovvvveeee Yami No Matsuei!!! Rabu rabu vvvvv rabu, he is sooo kawaaiii! Even if it is only his face, I like it alot! I knew making you watch the first 3 dvd's was a good thing ^.~
Mines: 10, damn you, Maye-Lihn -_-;;
Completed: 4/4/03 3:45:39 A.M.
Comments: Decided to use the cover of Maye-Lihn's Descendants of Darkness (Yami No Matsuei) dvd for my watercolor project. We had to show a simple area of the body, blow it up on a canvas, and color it BRIGHTLY. I succeeded in this one and got me an easy A too ^_^ Darn you, Maye-Lihn for showing me those dvd's, I'm hooked now >.<