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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Rosso Vlademir Spoppovich
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk

" Coffee, computer, comics. The three C's of life..."


Name: Rosso Vlademir Spoppovich
Alias: Nyanko, Kuro-Neko Rosso
Age: 23
Height: 5'7
Weight: 290 Lbs.
DOB: January 11, 5001
Ethnicity: Swedish
Eye Color: Light red
Hair Color: Moss green
Likes: working on his experiments, hanging with Ives, coffee and cornets, cats
Dislikes: failed experiments, Shadow smoking, dogs
Family: None
Hobbies: Science, computer programming, reading comic books
 Rosso is the scientist of the group, constantly blowing up the Experimentations Lab in the building and causing trouble wherever he goes. He seems to be a real happy person, claiming himself to be " as carefree and adorable as a newborn kitten" and he also dons a pair of light blue sunglasses now and then. Rosso is a real crack-up, looking to cheer up anyone that's down and out for the Monday count, which is why he's never in alot of trouble with Hallen unless he's blown up the lab again.
 Rosso was abandoned by his parents, and brung up by a swedish syndicate leader by the name of Johanne Spoppovich. Upon the death of Johanne, the young Rosso came to his bedside and spoke into the dying man's ears:
" From now on, you'll be by my side, wherever I go I'll always think of you and cherish you as if you were my own blood.". After Johanne's death, he took the name Spoppovich and became the new leader of the syndicate, until he left at the age of 17 to become a scientist. There, Rosso became the true person he was destined to be, a smart DNA analyist and cryptic expert.
 Rosso is funny, cheery, and always looking to spread some neko-cheer to everyone in the building. His most favorite saying would be:" Behold! I am the Great Nyanko and everyone must nyao before me!!", which sometimes either earns him laughter and praise, or fitfulls from Shadow. All Rosso really wants is to achieve one good experiment, and maybe snag the secretary on the 12 floor.....