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Li Syaoran
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Title: Li Syaoran
Tools: 8 1/2X11' white paper, Crayola colored pencils, Sanford Design drawing pencil
Completed: 5/13/03 4:50:35 P.M.
Gideon: 10, Li's pretty cool, hey, I should draw Eriol to counter yours XD
Maye-Lihn: 10, Syaoran-chan is soooo kawwaaaii!! I love his sword too, I wish I had a sword like that. His face.....I just wanna pinch those cute adorable cheekss!!! ^-^
Mines: 9, sadly, I messed up by rubbing the pic a bit >.<
Comments: I love Cardcaptor Sakura and its manga, it's so nice and the art's so well done O_o;; Sometimes, I'd just sit there and admire the pics of Yukito, Touya, and Yueh and go "Darn, I can never get CP's guys' eyes to look like that...". I know, sounds strange, but oh well. Li is one of my favorite characters, the fact that he's attracted to both Sakura-chan and Yukito-dono is just hilarious ^_^ Likewise, this is my first time drawing him, and I guessed totally on the tassels of his sword; I remembered some of it from the tv eppies O_o;; I do plan to put up the Sakura-chan picture I drew about a year ago with her in a Utena outfit ^_^