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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Father's Day Shubaltz
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk
Aishiteru, Shubaltz! ^.^

Title: Father's Day Shubaltz
Tools: 8 1/2X11" white paper, Castell drawing pencil(F-type), Crayola colored pencil box(weee! Economy size rox!!! ^.^)
Gideon: 10, I like how bright it looks, and the fact that Ives looks like Tomy from Digimon XD
Maye-Lihn: 10, Waaaiiiii!! Shubaltz is sooooo bish bish bish here!! And Ives is too kawaaaii!! Love the mushroom hat!! ^.^
Mines: 10, Hehe......Digimon/Cynical Pink crossover....^_^;;
Completed: 6/12/03 10:53:12 P.M.
Comments: Ahhh....we finally decided on doing Shubaltz and Ives for a Father's Day front page, and here it is! Not too bad if I do say so myself, the fact that we used Tomy's clothes is kinda funny ^_^;; I know I said that Shubaltz's eyes are milky white, but the first time we made him, they were crimson red. What do you think, nice change, ne? Ives is too adorable here, it was really hard for the three of us to accept a cute pose for the two to be in, I think the crappiest one we had was Ives in Shubaltz's jacket sleeping and walking in snow. That was a hard one to do o.o;; I'll post it here after I polish that rough sketch up a bit ^_^