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Edmond The Time Rabbit
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Title: Edmond The Time Rabbit
Tools: 8 1/2X 11" white paper, Faber Castell pencil, Crayola colored pencils
Gideon: 9, I love that "Great Kettles" book's pictures. Rha-chan makes a nice Edmond XD
Maye-Lihn: 10, I loooovveee that story!! ^^ And Rha-chan is just too adorable as Edmond-chan!! ^.^
Mines: 10, "Great Kettles" is cool ^_^
Completed: 6/17/03 11:38:59 P.M.
Comments: I recently visited my mall's Waldenbooks store and saw that they had a new shipment of my "Special Books"; it's a good thing to make friends with the shop owner, ya know ^_^ She told me she had saved the last "Great Kettles" book for me, since the pictures in there were breathtakingly beautiful, and they were too ^_^ I immediatly bought that (not to mention that Fake manga for Maye-Lihn and my first Digi-Charat. You owe me, Maye-Lihn!! >.<) and went home to read it. The story is great and sweet, and the pics in there are really good, go out and borrow it from the library and read it to your sibs; that's what I did ^_^ I decided to incorporate our Rhadamanthus as Edmond, who's the little time bunny for Father Time. Not bad if I do say so myself, but too bad Edmond wasn't a pink usagi ^_^;;