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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Shadow's Sober Days
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk

If Shadow was ever sober, what would he say to everyone?

Shadow to Rhadamanthus: "Hey there, Rhadamanthus. You're looking exceptionally lovely today."
Shadow to Nathaniel:" Nat-dono, do you know you're one of the smartest people in this whole building? I admire you so <fake grin>"
Shadow to Ives: " You're right, I'm a real jerk. Is there anyway you can ever forgive me, Ives ol' buddy ol' pal?"
Shadow to Hallen: " Hal, I've been smoking in the building again. Go ahead and lower my pay to $19 this time, please? I don't deserve that $5,000 a week anymore for my crimes..."
Shadow to Rosso:" Sure thing, Ross, I'll test out your new potion!"
Shadow to Shubaltz: " Hey, Shubaltz, what say we go out for a nice game of checkers and make it back before the meeting?"
Shadow to Shiraga: " Shira, I was wrong to call you a sadistic wanker. Will you ever forgive me? Here, take the $25,000 I owe you for breaking your violin set."
Shadow to Killian: " Aww, you're so adorable, Kill.."
Shadow to Sanga: " Brother!"

What Shadow really says to everyone:

Shadow to Rhadamanthus:" God, did you get raped again? O_o;;'
Shadow to Nathaniel: " You damned pms'n couldn't take charge if your ego depended on it...."
Shadow to Ives: "Squuirrrrtttttt!!!!"
Shadow to Hallen: " <gunpoint> Lower my paycheck again and I'll make sure you're as aerodynamic as possible...."
Shadow to Rosso: "Baka! Get that crap away from me! What the heck are ya, psycho?!"
Shadow to Shubaltz:" Going to a strip club, Shub. Tell Hallen I'm sick and couldn't make it to today's board thing."
Shadow to Shiraga: " You're more than a sadistic wanker, kir. You're a two-faced, lying, son of a b17|-|...."
Shadow to Killian: " Bah! Whaddaya think I am, gay?!?!"
Shadow to Sanga: " B17<|-|!!!!"