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Killian And Dante
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Title: Killian and Dante
Tools: Black Papermate pen, Pentech colored pencil, 8 1/2"X11" white paper
Rating (1-10): 8
Completed: 1/2/03 7:51:46 P.M.
Comments: Gyahh.....I really am horrible with coloring these days ;_; I should give up trying to make my pictures all flashy and showy...<sighs> Oh well, I live and I learn ^_^ Dante looks incredibly bish here, he wasn't suppose to turn out like that though, and I wish I could've shown the sleeve for that gauntlet blade -_-;; Killian looks adorable, I must say, and that pose is sorta taken from a DBZ pic I kinda fished outta my trashbox. I had alotta fun doing this one, especially drawing Killian, he's by far the most fun character to draw and the most flexible, too. Watch out for Kill-Nobi!!! ^_^