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Math Scribbles
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I didn't get in trouble, no worries ^^;;

Title: Math Scribbles
Tools: lined paper ( forgot the size ><), blue Papermate pen
Rating (1-10): 5 >.<
Completed: 12/05/02 10:39:13 A.M.
Comments: I got so bored one day in my Math 2 class that I began to draw this little doodle. Here we have a nice Shadow doodle, a Yami Rhadamanthus with Rhadamanthus below him, a Rosso doodle next to them, two Socrates doodles <pets Socrates's fuzzy head>, another Yami Rhadamanthus moment, and Shadow getting dragged away ^_^ I didn't get in trouble with this little scribble, only because I was hiding it underneath my work^_^ Sneaky, aren't I?