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Bish Angels
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Title: Bish Angels
Tools: 8 1/2X 11 in. paper (I think O_o;;;), blue Mead pen
Rating (1-10) 8
Completed: 12/6/02 11:22:59 A.M.
Comments: Another story I waa working on about a year ago, and sadly, quit that one also. Alotta angels and demons involved in this story plot, it's called
" Black Grails, White Crosses". The three guys here are (from left to right): Raphael, Zataahn, and Zaphikel. As you can see, Zaphikel there is a bit too short, but hey, can you blame me? I needed another person in the pic >.< Hopefully I'll be able to start the story on another website, with some drawings and give it this sorta story-book atmosphere. Only time will tell, folks ^_^