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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Latin Notes
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk
Ph34r m1 3b1ln355! ^.~

Title: Latin Notes
Tools: Lined paper, blue Mead pen
Rating (1-10): 10 because Tetsuya-sempai is there ^-^
Completed: 1/13/03 2:19:18 P.M.
Comments: Ohayo gozaimasu! This is Maye-Lihn, your co-host for the Cynical Pink website! I'm the creator of Shadow, Holden, Sanga, and Zatahn, our four bish-full men here ^.^ Thought I'd start off my first posting with an itty bitty sketch I did this morning in class while listening to Tetsuya ramble on about Heracles ^_^;; I'm a great listener, really, but when rambles get that long and boring AND I got Yugi-chan or Shadow on the brain, I just gotta draw! There's a cute little piccie of Rosso in neko form here too, and isn't just Puppy Shadow adorable down there? ^.^ I'll be doing the first holiday picture for the site, it's gonna go on the very front page, so watch out! ^.~