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Killian's Birthday Parody
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Secretary's Desk
Thank you, Saph-dono! ^.~

Title: Killian's Birthday Parody
Artist: Saphy
Tools: black permanent mark, Sanford drawing pencil, white paper
Completed: 3/10/03 9:05:07 P.M.
Cutter: Wow, our first piece of fanart we ever got, and lookie! It's got Killian in it too ^_^ Thank you so much, Saphy, I don't know much about you, but I think I remember you from college. You're Gideon's friend, I presume, and an excellent artist, I must say. I love how you did Killian's expressive eyes, it's really adorable. Arigatou! ^_^
Gideon: Dumbass Cutter, she is my classmate, she friggin' takes that archaeology-class thing with you, stupid! Anyways, thanks Saphy for this piece of fanart. I like how you outlined it in black marker; we usually don't do that very often here. Of course, we know how much you love your permanent markers....<recalls being drawn on by Saphy> Yeesh....bad juju..
Maye-Lihn: Kawaaiiii!! I love this fanart of Kill-chan!! ^.^ You're such an excellent artist, too bad I didn't go to the same college as you three ^^;; Gideon's right, we should try your black marker technique, it's probably much easier than our black pen one ^^;; Anyways, thank you so much for this artwork, we really appreciate it! Expect something on your birthday, Saphy-dono! ^_^ And keep on reading, CPer! ^.^