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Souichi Holmes


Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk

" There are so many things I can do in one death..."

Name: Souichi Holmes
Alias: Dr.Holmes, Master Holmes by Socrates
Age: 35
Height: 6'5
Weight: 190 Lbs.
DOB: Unknown
DOD: February 25, 5020
Ethnicity: Korean
Eye Color: Light brown
Hair Color: Pitch black
Likes: Working on his experiments, comforting Socrates, reading
Dislikes: The government, solitude
Family: His two "sons", Socrates and Descartes Prussian
Hobbies: Science, chemistry, reading
 Souichi Holmes is the brilliant mastermind behind the creation of Socrates and Descartes. He loved both creations dearly, as if they were his own sons. But he seemed to pay more attention to Socrates, since he was the failure in his experiment. Socrates had an unstable mind, and a very fragile one at that. He took extra care of the younger cryogen, cradling him in his arms to sleep and feeding him when he was psychically weak. This is probably how Descartes became so bitter towards the scientist, but he never hated his twin. Souichi would sometimes be picked on by the other scientists, saying he had made more than just twins; he made an incest couple. Angered at their remarks, he quit working for the very prestigious Megalo Manis company, and lived in his own private lab. There, he began to rebuild Socrates, and gave him speed, power, and a stable mind. But he still acted as a five-year old, clinging onto him for emotional support and constantly begging to be around him. The death of Souichi Holmes is unknown, whether or not it was Socrates or Descartes, or maybe even both, that killed him. All that is known is that Socrates was found resting on top of the grave of Souichi, crying and mourning; this is something cryogens do not do.

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