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Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Ryou Bakura
Insanity Inc.
Secretary's Desk
Pathetic fools

Title: Ryou Bakura
Tools: white Mead divider(^_^;;), blue Papermate pen
Gideon: 7, because I made ya mess this one up XD
Maye-Lihn: 8, I looovveee Ryou-chan!! Rabu vvvvvv rabu ^-^ He is such a bish, I'll never forgive him for using Bakura-chan for a puppet, though >.<
Mines: 8 1/2 (yes, we will have half ratings ^_~)
Completed: 2/10/03 3:30:35 P.M.
Comments: Ah, finally drew Ryou Bakura, like I had somewhat promised before ^_^ Kinda strange how he came around too, this one was freehand also O.o;; I dunno how I manged to draw him freehand, must've been from watching him and Marik so much XD Anyways, sorry the picture looks a bit scratchy; scanner just wasn't cooperating with me today -_-;; Hopefully I'll scan the Marik one that was on the other divider I had XD Gideon made me sorta mess up on the top part of his hair( he hit my elbow AND spilled his damned coffee on me X_x) but that's not too noticeable, now is it? ^_^;;