Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
Cynical Pink: Yami Was Never So Bad
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Happy Father's Day, Shubaltz! ^_^

Look, Sano-dono! I'm flying! Ororororororo!!O.O;;

< Shi No Oro!>

 Yo, Gideon here, sadly, I got back early from my vacation to New York, and man, was it crazy down there. Pokemon Center was waay more packed than I expected, damn card tourneys >< There were some cosplayers down there too, I plan to get those ridiculous pics of them posted here soon enough. I think the only hot-looking chick down in PC was the one dressed up as Sabrina; toy with my mind any day, baby ^_^ Anyways, I finally picked up my copy of Ruby but there were no goddamn copies of Sapphire! What the hell?! They told me they were stocked to the brim with both and I only walked outta there with one and a free pokedex.

Yeah. A pokedex. I was the 110th person to walk in. Cool.

 Anyways, enough of that, time for some other rantage that's been goin' about my head. Summer's on, and that means no school; well, all except for the summer school flunkies.....HAH! Anyways, that should be a good thing, right? Wrong-o, children, it means more torture. Me, I'm a person that was born in a very packed and wierd place: San Fransisco. There was a shitload of stuff to do there, ice cream parlor, bowling, pool, etc etc. But here in lil' ol' Ohio, the only thing that seems good to me, Cutter-boy, and Maye-Lihn is that pow-wow shindig going on soon. Cutter thinks we should check it out soon, but that's only because he wants to draw some Indian chicks XD Trailing offa the subject here, Gid, stay focused.....ok, good, focus back! Ohio is boring in some ways, but that's only because my poor Kawasaki is down and out for the count, plus no cash to blow off.

Blew it all off on PC, remember? Need transportation. NOW.

 Anyways, onto some site news. See the title of my glorious rant?" Shi No Oro!" is the name of the little omake I did, with the help of my trusty Kenshin artbooks and DVD's. I just thought that since Jinei Udou has that Shi No Ippo technique of his( and damn, doesn't it look like Kenshin's "Oro?!" face? O_O;;), why couldn't Kenshin have his own? Thus, Shi No Oro was born into this world, and I, the genius of the three, have come up with the idea! Praise me with ambrosia, mortals! Ok, enough of that o_o;; Go and read the omake, it's in the "Manga" section, and damn funny must I add also. Got another omake coming underway, Maye-Lihn's helping me with this one. It's from our little groupies most favorite pasttimes of pasttimes: TV. Dante and Socrates are our victims here, so watch out! That's all from yours truly, be sure to read my omake, damnit! I broke two GOOD pencils and killed me favorite Icchan eraser to make it look DECENT.

God.....I love the caps lock button....^_^

Anyways, this is Gideon signing off, and read on, CPers!

Great graphics....great guys.....o.o;;

<DOA Disorder>

 Ohayo, it's me, Maye-Lihn, and my goodness how long has it been since I did a rant? ^_^;; I can explain, really! I've been away on a trip to visit my grandparents in Kyoto, and what a coincidence that when I came back, Cutter-chan's going away to see his own grandparies as well ^_^ Well, both me and Gideon-dono wish him a safe and fun flight! I'd better make this rant quick, however, it's almost 4:55 in the morning!

 I just got done playing AND beating Dead Or Alive 3 for the X-Box, and I think it's just all-too spectacular! ^^ The bishful guys and the mysterious women are enough to make ya wanna play this game over and over again, de gozaru na! ^.^ My two favorites are Hayate-sama and Hayabusa-san, they are soooooo cute ^.^ If you've got the X-Box, you have to get this game! The fighting scenes and graphics are all good, the scenery is a real eye-catcher, and it's above-all the best of the Dead Or Alive games!

Sight news time! There are no pages for Cynical Pink, however, but there are some really nice updates in the Gallery ^^ Angelic Layer's special is on hold for now, Cutter-dono lost the pages to them again ^_^; So for now, Gideon's Shi No Oro comic and my upcoming Dead Or Alive parody's gonna have to hold together what little viewers we have. Please stay with us, CPers!! I know we can pull this off with so hectic a summer! Read on, and stay tuned to the next update of Cynical Pink! Sayonara!! ^.~